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New to writing?

Q: I have never written a book. Are these services right for me?

A: Definitely! BKE works with writers at any level. Schedule a FREE consultation TODAY!

Not enough money?

Is there a payment plan available for the 16 Weeks to Published course?

A: Yup! You can pay weekly, monthly or in full. A non-refundable $200 down payment is required, which will be applied to the total course cost.

Don't want it all?

Q: Only want to learn about one of the topics covered in the 16 Weeks to Published course. Is this possible?


A: Most definitely! Sign up for one of the On Demand Classes.

What about me?

Q: Are there any genres that BKE doesn’t work with?


A: BKE works with authors of ALL genres. Use the Contact Form to let us know what you’re writing and how we can help.

Need a beta?

Q: Is a Beta Reader really necessary?


A: The BKE answers YES! The beta reader represents the reading public. If they hate it, most likely, so will your intended audience. Let our trusted (italicized) Chief Beta Reader give you insight regarding the readability and viability of your book.

Session duration?

Q: For how long do the 1-1 Coaching sessions last?


A: 1-1 Coaching sessions last for as long as the client requires. Each session is 1-hour in duration. Schedule a FREE Initial Consultation to discuss your needs.

Don't have Paypal?

Q: I don’t have PayPal. Is there another way to submit payment?

A: Use the Contact Form to discuss alternative payment methods.

Another question?

Q: I have a question that wasn’t covered in the FAQs. How can I get an answer?


A: Use the Contact Form and we’ll get right back to you.